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The design of the VR glasses case should reflect the sense of technology, so white is usually the first choice. Coupled with the display of some product pictures and simple text descriptions, this is the packaging design of most VR glasses cases on the market.


Below are some custom AR/VR goggles packaging boxes, you can check each and get an idea of how to design your boxes. If any questions, feel free to send us an email!

360 Degree VR Googles Packaging Box Customizable

Full-color corrugated paper VR glasses packaging box. This packaging uses three-layer offset printing corrugated material. The top paper is 250 grams of gray-bottom whiteboard, the middle is E-shaped corrugated paper, and the inner paper is 140 grams of white Kraft paper.


The use and circulation cost is low, the weight is light, and it is convenient for loading and unloading, which can avoid or reduce being thrown during the loading and unloading process, thereby reducing the damage rate.

Model: VRPB001

Custom Corrugated Box For VR AR Headset


根据波纹尺寸,它分为五种类型:: a,b,c,e和f。该产品的尺寸很小,选择是E形瓦楞纸型,也称为微波纹,主要是用于小家用电器。


Model: VRPB002

Custom Corrugated Folding Box For VR Headset


Its cardboard structure is composed of a corrugated core paper and a face paper on each side.

Mainly used for packaging lighter-weight inner packaging. This carton is E-shaped corrugated, thin, hard, and strong. Adopt simple printing style, only simple graphic printing scheme, two-color printing on the surface, LOGO plus product structure diagram.

Model: VRPB003

Custom Gift Box For VR Headset

White premium bronzing heaven and earth cover gift box, this box is made of 2 mm white background white board mounted with 157 grams of coated paper. The top cover is box type, the upper cover completely covers the bottom, which can better protect the product, and it can slide within 3-5 seconds.

To ensure easy opening. The surface is covered with a matte film, the inside and outside are white, and the LOGO is only bronzed on the side, without any other patterns. It is simple and direct.

The value of “less is more” is king. The packaging style captures the customer’s psychology well—I really don’t want to be overwhelmed by the cumbersome information, and feel the aesthetic fatigue of the complicated and unnecessary decoration.

Model: VRPB004


This gift box adopts a book clamshell packaging design, with a magnetic closure function, can be opened and closed very conveniently. Very convenient and practical, and at the same time similar to the conventional book box design style.

Simple printing scheme, refined handmade. Pay attention to details. The packaging box pays great attention to the processing technology of the edging and edge seams during the production process, and the complete package is neat and beautiful.

The material is made of 2mm gray board mounted on 157 grams of coated paper, the surface is mainly white, four-color offset printing, covered with matte film, while maintaining a uniform style, it is as fine and exquisite as possible to make the entire packaging box look more beautiful.

Model: VRPB005

Custom Printed Box With Sleeve For VR Headset


内箱是一个与上一个瓦楞纸箱d lower inserts. It is easy to open and close. The material is three-layer corrugated paper. The face paper and the inner paper are both white. The outer envelope adopts a 350gsm white card, the front is smooth, the back is rough, the stiffness is very good, and the materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

The surface is covered with a matt film by four-color offset printing, which is economical and affordable. The design is concise, and the most concise elements are used to convey the brand image. Its conciseness and power lies in the highly refined brand essence.

Bright and eye-catching style, while catching the eye, it can better express the essence of the product.

Model: VRPB006

Custom Printed Cardboard Goggles


Single-layer corrugated paper, E-shaped thin and hard, only a very simple logo printing, fully dependent on the material used The special texture and visual effects bring out a simple and unique design.


The customized inner support can protect the product’s safety very well. It has a very high cost-effective advantage.

Model: VRPB007

Custom Rigid Box For Eye Massager

The design is characterized by simple, exquisite, and high-end, which mainly meets the packaging scheme of brand products with high packaging requirements;

Model: VRPB008


Cardboard AR glasses gift box. This package is made of a 2mm gray board mounted with 157 grams of copper paper. The interior is white, giving a clean feeling. V-line technology, sharp edges, and corners of the box, exquisite craftsmanship, simple structure.

Four-color offset printing on the surface, covered with a matte film, with great attention to detail processing. During the process of die-cut, the V-line gap is kept to a minimum, so small that there is almost no gap between the cardboard connection. The perfect joint between the gaps is truly achieved from the inside.

The appearance is exquisite and beautiful, and the quality of the brand products is effectively revealed through the exquisite packaging and meticulous craftsmanship.

Model: VRPB009

White Cardboard Box With Printing For VR Goggle

White full-color corrugated paper box VR glasses packaging. This paper box uses double-sided white three-layer material.

The core paper is corrugated paper, and the material has high strength and can withstand 20 kg pressure without bursting. It can effectively ensure the transportation process.


Model: VRPB010